Frequently Asked Questions

You must have an appeal pending before you can use this site. The appeals process starts with the filing of a Notice of Appeal with the Clerk of the Circuit Court, either electronically or conventionally. E-filing is currently available in all civil areas of law except County Division. You may access our eFiling system from our website at After the Notice of Appeal is transmitted to the Appellate Court the Clerk’s Office will issue a case number, which you will need to use the electronic appeals submission site. You may contact the Appellate Court Clerk’s Office at (312) 793-5484 to obtain your case number.
There is no fee for filing a Notice of Appeal.
The cost to prepare a record on appeal varies by the total number of pages in a record. The fee is $110.00 for 100 pages or less; $185.00 for 101 pages to 200 pages. It is an additional 30 cents for each additional page. For civil appeals, a deposit of $110.00 is required to request to prepare a record on appeal to be applied against the final fee due. If you cannot afford the fees, you may file a 298 petition as a poor person to request a judge to waive the fees.
No. Only if you are filing reports of proceedings, trial exhibits or supplemental records for inclusion in a record or supplemental record on appeal. All existing Supreme Court and local rules still apply. If you have any of these documents to submit, you must use the submission site pursuant to a General Administrative Order.
Reports of proceedings, exhibits and supplemental records must be submitted through the electronic appeals submission site.
No. You must convert Word documents to PDF format BEFORE starting this process. All documents must be submitted in PDF format.
Yes, self-represented litigants can file in the electronic appeals submission site. You must identify yourself and provide a valid case number in order to submit documents through the appeals submission site.
You would start over and add more documents. All of the documents uploaded will end up in the same folder.
Physical exhibits that cannot be electronically submitted, such as physical evidence and oversized photos, as well as video or audio recordings, forensic animation, drawings, maps, etc., must be filed using the electronic submission site to identify the exhibit and who is in possession of the exhibit.
The Clerk’s Office will send a confirmation of receipt of documents to the email address provided by the filer. If receipt is not received within two business days, then the filer may contact the Clerk’s Office via email at or via telephone at (312) 603- HELP (4357).